HR software works better when it works together.

All your HR data and applications in ONE universal platform.

Don't get locked-in by big payroll . . .


Digital Infrastructure for HR

An HR Data Platform provides you a powerful foundation to build your HR technology strategy.

Set up a Database

The first thing you want to do is get all your data in one place because with data existing in multiple locations it gets out of sync. You can use spreadsheets, connect existing applications, or add new applications. This will create for you a Master System of record that you control. From there you can use the included report writer create exports, or add applications.

Add Applications

Normally you put your data into someone else's cloud and hope you can get in back. With Canopy choose from the included CoreHR, Canopy partners, or add your own applications. Data from those applications will by synced back to your Master. Canopy does not restrict who you can choose. We also encourage you to develop your own applications using our platform.

Why you need an HR Data Platform

The foundation of every HR strategy is good data

You should control it

Single Source of Truth

Everyone and everything connected to the platform sees the same data. Data is automatically synchronized across all data sources. Reports are accurate. The employee experience is consistent.


Every time a change is made to your master database, Canopy creates a cryptographically secured copy of the entire record through Blockchain. You can pull any historical record and see exactly how it existed in the past

No Vendor Lock In

The customer controls the data. You're not locked in to any vendor. Use your data any way you want, move it, or switch applications as you please - no expensive exports, downloading of CSV files, or printing Resumes to PDF.

Freedom to choose

Most marketplaces are just another way to lock you in. With Canopy you have more choice. Use the included applications, try a partner, or connect your own, even homegrown applications.

World Class Support

The only thing more awesome than our technology is the people who support it. Every customer gets a dedicated customer experience manager. You can actually talk to them. Need help fast? You are covered.

Lower Cost

When you have the power of choice you also have the power to bring down cost. We eliminate the old vendor trick of loss leaders only to stick it to the customer later with expensive add ons.

Digital Transformation depends on data

Kick Start your HR Technology Strategy with the Canopy HR
Data Platform


The System of Record
Centralize management of workforce data.

A single trustworthy source for reporting, analytics, and integration. It’s Free to Start

It’s your data. You should control it. Get better information and avoid vendor lock-in by putting all your workforce data in one place.

  • Included report writer
  • Blockchain to verify the trustworthiness of records
  • Data synchronization and source identification

Add applications
A Customer-driven ecosystem (is better)

Other companies restrict who is in their marketplace. With Canopy since it’s your data, we don’t restrict with whom you choose to connect.

Easily get going with our included CoreHR suite or add other applications even homegrown systems. We are the open alternative.

Records imported

Pricing Plans

System of Record
  • Keep data in one place and report on it.
  • Start by consolidating spreadsheets into one reportable database. Includes report writer. Add connections and apps when you're ready.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Limit of 1,000 records.
Best value for HR
$1-5/employee per month
  • Build your own HR suite
  • Add HR Applications to your system of record.
  • Connect your system of record to multiple other systems.
  • Enable AI driven chat bots and HR Analytics.
Professional Services
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  • Become a data driven HR department
  • Our professionals services team will help you create a data driven organization.




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