HR software works better when it works together.

All your HR data and applications in ONE unified platform.

Less than 25% of managers feel existing HR tech makes them more efficient, reduces cost or improves the employee experience. It's time to MAKE A CHANGE.

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A new kind of HR Technology

It used to be a single database meant you were locked in with one big vendor.
Technology has changed. There is a better way.

Today we can move control of HR data from the application vendors to the customer resulting in consistent data, a better employee experience, and more choice at far lower cost.

It all starts with a common database (which you control)

Most HR applications use a lot of overlapping data, so it makes sense for you to keep that common data in one format and then share it with the applications which need it. Why is this better? Because you eliminate inconsistent data, get superior and complete historical audit, and can use data from any source for cross platform reporting, analytics and workflows.

Next connect people and applications when and wherever you choose

A data platform does more than store data, it connects people and applications in a single unified interface available on any device. This increases business agility for HR. You can choose what applications to connect, what data to share, and adapt the employee experience as needed for today's flexible work structures whether at home, in the field or on the plant floor.

The best thing to happen to HR since the invention of the H and the R!


Improve your existing HR Tech Stack or create a new one.  The platform comes with everything you need to manage the future of work.

One Connected Database

A single database maintains, audits and keeps in sync all connected applications so you always have a consistent set of data across applications for reporting and workflow.

One Unified Employee Experience

Available on any device, eliminates multiple log ins, allows for flexible configuration based on need or language, and enables collaboration, process and information flows across the enterprise.

Smart Connectors

Connect your existing applications to the platform using smart connectors and our Graph technology. You can even build how grown applications and using the platform.

Pre-connected applications.

Choose to deploy anyone of our growing list of pre-connected workforce applications including time and attendance, benefits admin, performance management, absence management, safety, training administration, payroll, or more.

Report Writer

The platform comes with a powerful but easy to use ad hoc report writer which you can use to create analytics and other reports using data gathered by the platform from multiple applications. Save reports, schedule reports, export reports. You can try the report writer for FREE by simply requesting a free trial.

Workflow (Coming Soon!)

The platform's intuitive workflow builder lets HR and other business users create powerful cross-platform workflows across the enterprise to speed up digital transformation and improve process efficiency.

Digital Transformation depends on data

Kick Start your HR Technology Strategy with the Canopy HR
Data Platform


The System of Record
Centralize management of workforce data.

A single trustworthy source for reporting, analytics, and integration. It’s Free to Start

It’s your data. You should control it. Get better information and avoid vendor lock-in by putting all your workforce data in one place.

  • Included report writer
  • Blockchain to verify the trustworthiness of records
  • Data synchronization and source identification

Add applications
A Customer-driven ecosystem (is better)

Other companies restrict who is in their marketplace. With Canopy since it’s your data, we don’t restrict with whom you choose to connect.

Easily get going with our included CoreHR suite or add other applications even homegrown systems. We are the open alternative.

Records imported

Pricing Plans

System of Record
  • Keep data in one place and report on it.
  • Start by consolidating spreadsheets into one reportable database. Includes report writer. Add connections and apps when you're ready.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Limit of 1,000 records.
Best value for HR
$1-5/employee per month
  • Build your own HR suite
  • Add HR Applications to your system of record.
  • Connect your system of record to multiple other systems.
  • Enable AI driven chat bots and HR Analytics.
Professional Services
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  • Become a data driven HR department
  • Our professionals services team will help you create a data driven organization.



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