The System of Record

The Database
At the heart of the HR Data Platform is the Master Workforce Database.

Creating the Database

The database is created by uploading spreadsheets or by connecting applications and syncing the data.

  • Complex data mapping and coding of rules is not necessary.
  • Creating a database with file uploads is free.
  • Contact us and we’ll set up your free account for you to try.

The database by itself does a lot

It comes with its own report writer that gives you access to every field in the database.  If you expand the database to add fields from other systems, you can now report on every single field related to the workforce from a centralized location.  That’s awesome.

You can use the report writer free if you set up a database with file uploads.  Contact us and we’ll set it up for you, and you can see how easy it is to get the HR reports you need.

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The System of Record

History and Auditing

The database keeps a history log of every change made in uploaded files or connected applications.  Each record change is cryptographically secured so you can prove the integrity of each record at every stage of its existence.   The auditors will love you, so will the lawyers. Simply click the timeline button and you will see how the records existed over time.

Upload some changes to employee data in a spreadsheet and see how the system keeps a secure history.  It’s fun to do.

Data Synchronization and Data Lineage

The database also keeps all the connected applications in sync.   Let’s say you have an employee named Steven in 3 systems plus the Master.  Someone changes Steven to Stephen.  The Master sees this, asks you if you want to make Stephen the master record, and if you say yes updates everyone else.

The other important thing about data changes is we keep a complete lineage of your data.  You will easily be able to see which systems are changing the Master record which helps you track down sources of data errors. 

To see these amazing features in action contact us for a live demo.

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